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.MY domain name is now open for global registration

Why should you choose .MY?

Min in length,
max in mind

Whether you're finding a domain name for your business, brand or service, .MY can be a great way to create a name that is short and memorable for your customers, and add a personalized touch to your brand.


Your individuality

No two persons are alike - and so your domain too! Use it to link it to your blog, social media profile, virtual resume, multimedia portfolio, streaming platform, or even your electronic wallet. The possibilities are endless.


Search engine's best friend

With a 36-year track record and low abuse rate, .MY is well loved by search engines and customers alike. Your website SEO will perform seamlessly.


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Get highly valuable .MY domains - short character domains, top keywords, names, cities and more which naturally create a memorable marketing message to your brands and services.

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