blogging tips

How often should you blog?

It depends on your time and commitment. Some people blog daily while others do it monthly! So you might say, "your answer doesn't help me at all". Well, that's the reality.

The important thing is, be consistent. If you write a post on daily basis, do so consistently. Your visitor will expect something coming up everyday and they will surely get disappointed if that's not the case.


Pick the right post title

Post title should instantly capture your visitors' attention. Titles like "how to", "list of", "review of" and "best of" will more likely to get higher attention.

So sit back, read your post title and think, "will i click on this title if i'm the reader?"

Is my blog name good enough?

If your blog name is hard to pronounce, too long and hard to remember, it is not a good blog name. It will get worse if you have at the back, which makes your name even longer.

So why don't you change it to a better name? Do it here at!

Great writing tips

Great writing does not mean you have to write it using bombastic words. Just be yourself when you write, it’s great enough.

So get yourself behind the keyboard and start writing. Good luck!

Domain name and social media

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are valuable tools in helping you establish a huge reputation but they are no replacement for your own unique domain name.

Domain name, for instance .my, gives your business a level of professionalism and legitimacy that you simply cannot get from using a social media profile.

Domain name registration is easier and more affordable than most people realize and moreover, taking the time to register a domain shows a level of commitment and dedication. In short, it shows your commitment and shows that you are serious about your business.

Register yours today at!

Ways to make money online

Have you tried Adsense? It's free to join and you could earn some money by doing what you love the most; blogging!

The importance of blog content

Put as many posts on your blog as possible. By having lots of articles on it, you provide value to your readers and that’s going to help you establish authority. In effect, it will drive massive traffic to your blog and eventually push it on top of search engines, which can increase traffic even more.

Open your blog post with a bang!

Next to the headline, the opening paragraph is the most important part of a blog post because it’s going to determine whether or not readers will want to read further. A boring opening sentence will not entice readers to go further.